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Corporate Wellness


Stress has become an additional disease towards our daily life routine. Thou, we can avoid it only if we make up our mind or have willpower. We can try to stress-494222_960_720avoid circumstances that cause us stress. Stress is a usual physical and psychological response to the demands of our life. A little bit stress can be inspiring, fine us to perform well, but numerous challenges regularly can push us beyond our ability to manage.

For our protection, our brain comes hard-wired with an alarm system. When our brain notices a warning, its signals our body to release to hormones that increase our heart rate as well raise our blood pressure.

When the threat is gone, our body is intended to return to a normal, calm state. It can help our body and mind adjust. Without it, our body might always be on great alert. Chronic stress, over time, can lead to serious health difficulties. So practicing stress management techniques today is a big challenge for all of us.

From time to time all of us get stressed. We find techniques how to change our environment to reduce stress, relax when we are under pressure. Then challenges and pace of modern lifestyle make stress management important for all of us.

To monitor our stress, first of all identify our triggers. What makes us feel worried, angry, and tense? Daily hassles and demands, such as meeting deadlines, sitting in traffic and paying bills, contribute to our stress level. Even vital positive actions, such as buying a home, getting married, can be stressful too. In a word, any change to our life can be stress.

Once we have identified our stress triggers, and then think about strategies for dealing with them. Detect what we can control is a good starting point. Never feel like we have to figure it out on our own. Seek support and help from friends and family. Sometimes, we need someone to listen to us, help with child care or a ride to work when our car’s in a shop.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help us manage stress. Engaging in exercises, tai chi, meditation, yoga, deep breathing or being in nature is a benefit for us. Set an aside time for ourselves. Get a massage, dance, listing to music, soak in a bubble bath, and watch a comedy whatever helps us relax. More active ways of achieving relaxation include participating in sports or walking outdoors. It doesn’t matter which relaxation method we select. Choose a way that works for you as well as practice it regularly.  Enjoy learning these techniques, and having a happier life forever! Cheers!

Employee Health Contributes to Company’s Bottom Line

The employees of the company are its backbone. A group of hardworking and dedicated employees forms the very strength internal to the business. Health programs in organizations are one of the important tools for retaining the hardworking employees or those who have a great potential for offering his or her services to the company. These programs offer benefits to the company as well as to the employees. In fact, these employee wellness programs are designed specially to help the family members of the employees too. This in itself is a great motivating factor to the employees and they offer their services to the company with more dedication and commitment.



Many programs in the organizations seek to imbibe healthy lifestyle among their employees so that they are less prone to diseases and risks such as heart corporate-wellness1 (1)strokes, substance abuse, malnutrition and physical fitness. If the company extends these health services to the employees, the employees too welcome the idea with open arms and additional feeling of being loved by the company in which they have been showing their performance for a long time.

The employees of the organization make up the internal culture of the company. If the workforce experiences frequent absences, or if the employees are unable to give hundred percent to their tasks, the company cannot utilize its maximum potential and may witness losses. These may grow with time if the root cause remains untreated. Employee health is one major factor that builds the working climate and the image of the company, helping it stand apart from rival companies.

Physical fitness of employees is necessary to keep them happy, mobile and quick during working hours. They must not get tired too soon and should be capable to work with maximum concentration and focus on the work itself. A healthy body allows them to maintain health and vitality and prevents from common health ailments as well as less vulnerability to risks. Equally important is the mental fitness of the employees that helps them in coming out of their personal traumas, depressions and other mental pressures. This helps them in having a relieved mind and a fresh thinking pattern that is positive and full of optimism. Such employees are so much motivated towards working for the employees that the company can expect loyalty from them for quite a long time.

Corporate wellness programs are often conducted in many organizations that focus on physical well being, but neglect their mental health. A healthy mind will shape a healthy body and it becomes a pre-requisite for the company to introduce these health programs that have a 360 approach for the mutual benefits.

Employers who introduce such programs for their employees have experienced highly motivated groups of employees who are more likely to be regular to the work and less likely to be absent due to illness and chronic disease. This also helps in retaining good employees and decreasing the instances of employee deaths or disability.

The health of a companies’ employees is truly the backbone of the company, without which the company cannot even think of standing up against other market competitors and rivals.