The success of any organization is essentially dependent on the quality its workforce, right from the senior management team to the frontline workforce. They are valuable asset to the existence of any organization. They generate strategic plans, bring with creativity and innovations to the fore, as well as execute business operations so that their organizations can meet their goals and targets. Leading organizations around the world, knows the importance of investment in their workforce and have done so through creation of healthy culture within their organization and provision of enabling platform that promote healthy behavours. Such investments bring high ROI in form of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism & presenteeism, increased staff morale, branding them as best employers as they value the health of their workforce.

We implement our corporate wellness programmes through strategies that engagement, motivation and support everyone that uses our wellness solutions.

Wellness is a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential. This is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being.


Wellness is a state of well-being (or a sense of individual vitality) that we regularly draw on, in order to meet our daily activities and to achieve individual’s optimal potentials. It is an active process through which we become more aware of ourselves and make right choices that enable us live out lives in a more successful, healthy and balanced way. True personal wellness incorporates many facets—physical wellness, emotional wellness, and social wellness.

Being active can improve your physical health by reducing your risk of developing non-communicable diseases as such diseases, diabetes, hypertension etc. It also increases your resilience to stress and improve your mood which will positively contribute to your emotional wellness. With physical wellness and emotional wellness already in your wellness repository, it is easy to integrate social wellness by relating and engaging with like-minds that will enrich your overall wellness. Also, Good nutrition supplies the right energy and provides minerals and nutrients for the nourishment and

People often do not know where to start or how to take care of their wellness, and for such people, CapitaHealth provides personal wellness solutions. This wellness solution consists of assessing the individuals to understand what components they need to focus on most, and provide them with support and guidance on how they can best achieve their wellness goals. The solution includes diet plan, exercise workout, tests, and progress reports, all of which will help individuals to achieve their wellness goals.


CapitaHealth is an organization that provides health solutions. We also offer wellness solutions for professionals in health and fitness industry which they can be used to add values to service. All your clients will have the same access to the fitness applications and you can relate with your clients directly via a group that will be specifically created for you to manage your clients. This package allows for effective clients management system and you can easily keep track of your group with few clicks.


Every venture needs the right tools and kits to accomplish set its goals and mission. In a similar fashion, wellness requires appropriate tools and technology as well. CapitaHealth offers wellness kits and other technologies that allow her clients to achieve best results possible. These tools include pedometers, tracker applications (online, android and iOS apps), fitness calculators, health risk appraisal etc. In addition, we make available wellness resources that guide will you on how best to take care of your body, tracking your wellness activities, produce video and audio exercise instructions. These kits and technologies are all meticulously designed and carefully selected by our team, therefore every tool will surely help you to become healthier and increase your vitality.



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A Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) is one of screening tools that CapitaHealth uses for its wellness solutions. We use them for corporate wellness as well as personal wellness. A Health Risk Assessment is a health questionnaire given to individuals who are using our wellness solutions to determine their health, risks, and lifestyle. The questionnaire is detailed and comprehensive, and after the assessment has been completed we analyzed the completed health questionnaire, we calculate the individual’s health risk, and provide wellness advice. A HRA is a key feature for our health programs because it is the most systematic way of assessing a person’s health and risk factors, and then providing the best health solutions for wellness.
A Health Risk Assessment asks the individual to put down their age, gender, weight, height, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, exercise routine, whether or not they smoke or drink, their daily diet review, family history relating to illnesses, personal illnesses, how much they want to improve their health, etc. All these statistics are what help our professionals understand individual health profile and their health risk, and proffer solutions.


Biometric screenings are an essential part of our wellness solutions. These screenings are used for corporate wellness programs – they provide data that can help direct the corporate wellness program. Biometric screening is also beneficial for the employees who are screened, as it gives them the right information about their health risks or risk factors of potential medical problems. If the employees take the biometric screening and the health risk assessment, this can go a long way to prevent them from future illnesses and improve their health considerably.
CapitaHealth conducts numerous biometric screenings for its individual customers and employees in firms that want corporate wellness. We have team of experienced staff who know the best way to make full use of these screenings and then design health and wellness programme to meet your specific needs.


One of our corporate wellness programs is executive wellness retreats. These wellness retreats are great ways to engage a healthier workforce in a fun and adventurous events. They promote employees’ shared experiences, relaxation, and good energy throughout the corporate.
CapitaHealth’s offered executive wellness retreats as a full event programme. We have event managers who decide on a venue according to your corporate needs and empower the employees to select the services they prefer most. The executive wellness retreat programme includes health activities such as meditation, nutritional diet discussions, aerobics, team yoga, outdoor activities, team building events, relaxation activities, etc.


Stress is one of the prevailing causes of illnesses. Many illnesses like high or low blood pressure, anxiety, obesity and diabetes, and headaches, are caused by stress. Unfortunately, almost everyone today faces stress – be it related to work, home, family, or any other element. To be completely healthy, one needs to focus on letting go of stress. It is not easy, but it is possible. CapitaHealth provides a health solution called the Stress Management Programme. For teams and workplaces, this programme helps the employees to learn how to control their stress. Our experienced team of professionals help people by guiding them on how to keep up with busy schedules, meet demands and fulfil duties on time, how to do more with less and also help them with exercises that have been proven to increase resilience to stress.


Who says you cannot have a professional advice whenever you want? CapitaHealth offers another health and wellness service, which ensures that you can get professional help whenever you need it. This feature is called the Health Coaching. Our team attend to people via Internet or telephone. The goal of health coaching is to empower people to take active step in self-managing and achieving their wellness goals. Whenever individuals or employees utilize this program, their lives are bound to be transformed.

Our health coaches maintain a confidential record of progress the individual(s) they are working with, are making and to assist them further in the areas that require their professional attention most.


The first step towards better health is awareness. If one does not know about his or her health status and the risks they may be exposed to, they will not do anything to improve their health. CapitaHealth provide health fairs and seminars, which individuals or corporate teams can attend to get to know their health better.
CapitaHealth professionals and health experts conduct these health seminars and they exhibit how health works and what individuals need to do for their health via slide presentations, question and answer sessions, informational packets, and a self-test period.


At CapitaHealth, we make the best use of information technology to bring health education to our users. We host health webinars that allow us to have an online workshop on a platform that supports live texts, audios, and videos. Health specialists share their vast knowledge on different health topics hosted via webinars and web conferencing. The goal of this web service is to raise more awareness and promote health. These online seminars talk and discuss about many health related topics such as nutrition and daily diet, exercise, stress control, weight management, etc.
Webinar is a great way that corporate firms can contribute to the health and wellbeing of their employees.


Healthy workplace is a progressive workplace, so maintaining the good health of employees is essential. CapitaHealth offers fitness boot camp at the company’s location to give fitness sessions and training. Fitness boot camp is a great way to promote corporate wellness, and employees will enjoy all the activities offered through this feature, too.
The fitness boot camp we offer include services like fitness tests and assessments, fun fitness events for teams and progress reports. It is a fun and healthy way of attaining better health.


Corporate gym is great for any workplace. It provides easy access to gym facilities and it can also encourages a lot more people to engage in fitness that they might not have ordinarily do because of the cost of gym membership. Many people do not have time to workout after their work so this is a great way to promote corporate wellness.

CapitaHealth works to provide the design, development, and even management of corporate gyms. The gyms would be set up by experts with all the right equipment, and appropriate layout with design. We also offer assistance with procurement of gym equipment.

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