About Us

CapitaHealth is a healthcare company with a focus on musculoskeletal health and wellbeing powered by a team of specialist physiotherapists and supported with technology.

We recognize the impacts of musculoskeletal disorders and biomechanical inefficiencies can have on joints and muscles, such as pain, disability and loss of function. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), musculoskeletal conditions are the leading cause of global disability and are prevalent across the life-course. Musculoskeletal disorders can significantly affect mobility, dexterity, lead to early retirement on ill-health ground, reduced wealth accumulation because of lowered productivity, and can cause depression in chronic and long-term chronic cases. The cost of treating and managing musculoskeletal conditions can be expensive and disruptive to daily life, especially if you must visit a clinic. Through our digital health solutions, we bring physiotherapy to the comfort of your home in an innovative and cost-effective manner.



At CapitaHealth, our ultimate goal is to restore mobility, reduce pain, prevent disability, and improve patients’ quality of life through physiotherapeutic interventions.


Ergonomics is essential for healthier, safer and productive workstation. Our ergonomics & physiotherapy services help to support any workforce.


Our post-op rehab offers unique programmes for patients who have had Surgeries e.g. hip/knee joint replacements. They’re assured of treatment from licensed therapists.


Our wellness package includes fitness training, nutrition advice, coaching etc. We implement strategies that engage & support people in achieving their wellness goals.


  • Fantastic treatment & great service. Significantly improved my shoulder's movement! Highly recommend 100 %!
  • The physiotherapist was very detailed in his probe to find the root of the problem. He inspired much confidence in his diagnosis as well as in his proposed wellness plan. He was also very emphatic and went above and beyond what was expected from him during the consultation. A very satisfactory experience indeed!
  • Excellent physiotherapy, very efficiently relieved me from low back pain. Thanks a lot!
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