Ergonomics/Occupational Injuries Rehabilitation

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We offer a range of Occupational Health Physiotherapy Plans and Services to help employers support their employees at work. Whether you are an SME or have a large corporate structure with large numbers of employees our plans will produce measurable financial benefits for you.

• Convenient on site Physiotherapy Assessments and Treatment

• Professional and expert on site and off site physiotherapy for your employees

• Workplace Assessments to assess Physical Capability

• Physiotherapy Helpline -TeleHealth & telephone based support

• Return to Work Advice and Advisory Fitness Reports

•Ergonomic Assessments to help with workplace design and injury prevention



The aim of Ergonomics is to generate healthier, safer and more productive work systems to benefit individuals, organisations and society through research, application and education. Ergonomics can:
Identify risk factors, both physical and non-physical, within the workplace
Measure risk which has been identified
Offer practical advice and cost-effective solutions which eliminate or reduce the risks identified

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