At CapitaHealth, our ultimate goal is to restore mobility, reduce pain, prevent disability, and improve patients’ quality of life through physiotherapeutic interventions.

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Ergonomics is essential for healthier, safer and productive workstation. Our ergonomics & physiotherapy services help to support any workforce.

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Post-Operative Rehab

Our post-op rehab offers unique programmes for patients who have had Surgeries e.g. hip/knee joint replacements. They're assured of treatment from licensed therapists. Learn More

Wellness Solution

Our wellness package includes fitness training, nutrition advice, coaching etc. We implement strategies that engage & support people in achieving their wellness goals.

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Some Features of Our Corporate Wellness Package


A Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) is one of screening tools that CapitaHealth uses for its wellness solutions. We carry out HRA for corporate wellness as well as personal wellness. It assists us to systematically assess each individual’s health risk factors, which is then used to design a personalized wellness plan. It can also be used as part of population health management programme.

Health Coaching

We offer health Coaching and it involves offering professional wellness coaching via telephone or online. With this feature as part of our wellness solutions, it means you can easily reach us for professional wellness coaching wherever your geographical location. The goal of health coaching is to empower you to take active steps in self-managing and achieving your wellness goals.


CapitaHealth provides different platforms for tracking health and fitness activities for accountable fitness management. Different parameters such body weight, B.M.I, steps counts, calories counts, blood pressure etc, can easily be recorded on the platforms for effective monitoring .Our tracker system is available as online application , android app, iOS app and logbook.
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