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Physiotherapy clinics and physiotherapists in Ibadan and Lagos Nigeria


pt and patient18815657_slady back pain

CapitaHealth is a premier provider of physical therapy and corporate wellness programmes in Nigeria.  Our physiotherapists are licensed and reputable clinicians dedicated to providing highest quality care and superior customer service. Our physiotherapists will treat your pain and address the root cause of the condition to prevent its reoccurrence. We will address your mobility and muscle weakness problems with a personalised rehabilitation programme.  CapitaHealth’s therapy team works directly with you and your doctor to create a plan of care that meets your overall goals.

Additionally, we partner with companies and businesses to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and reduce the total workers’ compensation spend. We provide ergonomics consultancy and corporate wellness programme to support their workforce. With our wellness programme, we offer solutions that that engage and drive healthy behaviours and promote healthy culture in workplace. Our programmes are unique because they can be easily tailored to specific needs of any organization. The different solutions we offers are products of evidence-based practice and clinical expertise combined with health intelligence and innovative technologies.

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