Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy clinics Abuja

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation discipline specializing in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating patients of all ages who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their ability to perform everyday activities. The goal of physiotherapy is to minimize pain, normalize function and provide a quick return to normal activities. A physiotherapist is a medical professional who helps manage a wide range of conditions through physical medicine and rehabilitation. Increasing mobility is often a primary area of focus, as is disability prevention and pain management.


At CapitaHealth, we are committed to providing quality and specifically designed treatment regimens customized for each individual’s rehabilitation needs.


We Deliver Exceptional Physiotherapy

CapitaHealth brings evidence-based and exceptional physiotherapy to you irrespective of your location both online and offline. Every patient with muscle, joint conditions or any other medical conditions can use CapitaHealth and will help you manage your pain and optimize your functional activities.



What does Capitahealth treat?

We diagnose and treat nearly all muscle and joint issues.


Chronic, upper, lower, middle. We treat it all.

Back illustration

Hand / Wrist

Carpal tunnel, sore joints, and more.

Wrist illustration


Is it a tear or tendinitis? We have answers.

Knee illustration


We’ll get to the bottom of your hip pain.

Hip illustration


Stiff necks and limited range of motion can be fixed.

Neck illustration


Your shoulder is a workhorse. Keep it in tip top shape.

Shoulder illustration

Foot / Ankle

Stop plantar fasciitis and recurring ankle sprains.

Ankle illustration


Don’t let tennis elbow slow you down.

Elbow illustration


Address your joint pain and function. It can get better.

Illustration of knee with arthritis



Our Physiotherapists

Our Specialists’ credentials, exceptional knowledge and extensive experience in the application of the latest techniques places them at the cutting edge of Physiotherapy.

Keeping abreast with technological advancement with strong empirical studies confirming the tele-physiotherapy and telerehabilitation as effective as in-person therapy, CapitaHealth has launched tele-physiotherapy and telerehabilitation which will allow you to receive your therapy anywhere at any time, fully supported by highly experienced physiotherapists. All of our physiotherapists are highly experienced in providing both ‘in person’ and online injury consultations. Our experience allows us to work out exactly what you need to recover, through hassle-free diagnosis and speedy treatment, irrespective of your location. If you don’t have time for traffic and long waiting time, our virtual physiotherapy will be a perfect option for you. Telephysiotherapy and telerehabilitation have been scientifically proven to be as effective as in-person physiotherapy sessions. CapitaHealth works with a network of physiotherapists and physiotherapy clinics in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria and promises the delivery of high quality and effective physiotherapy interventions to our clients/service users. CapitaHealth provides wide specialized services Our highly respected physiotherapists/physiotherapy partners have strong reputations for clinical quality, effective outcomes, and exceptional customer service. Together, we are completely committed to improving our patients’ health, their well-being, and most of all, their quality of life. Physiotherapy is essential to those who need not only physical restoration or stabilization but also rehabilitation. Professional knowledge, skill and expert adaptability are fundamental to effective treatment. In the final analysis, the best equipment contributes little to effective patient care unless it is used by well trained, caring, professional physiotherapist, and all these we promise to our service users/clients at CapitaHealth, through partner physiotherapists and physiotherapy clinics in Abuja and others part of Nigeria. See below few of numerous studies that have confirmed the effectiveness of the tele-physiotherapy/telerehabilitation:

Effects of home-based tele-exercise on sarcopenia among community-dwelling elderly adults: Body composition and functional fitness

Effectiveness of physiotherapy with telerehabilitation in surgical patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

The Efficacy of Electronic Health-supported Home Exercise Interventions for Patients With Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Systematic Review

Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy clinics Abuja

What clients say about us:

  • The physiotherapist was very detailed in his probe to find the root of the problem. He inspired much confidence in his diagnosis as well as in his proposed wellness plan. He was also very emphatic and went above and beyond what was expected from him during the consultation. A very satisfactory experience indeed!



  • Excellent physiotherapy, very efficiently relieved me from low back pain. Thanks a lot!



  • Fantastic treatment & great service. Significantly improved my shoulder's movement! Highly recommend 100 %!



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