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Blog - Capitahealth

Blog - Capitahealth


Stress has become an additional disease towards our daily life routine. Thou, we can avoid it only if we make up our mind or have willpower. We can try to stress-494222_960_720avoid circumstances that cause us stress. Stress is a usual physical and psychological response to the demands of our life. A little bit stress can be inspiring, fine us to perform well, but numerous challenges regularly can push us beyond our ability to manage.

For our protection, our brain comes hard-wired with an alarm system. When our brain notices a warning, its signals our body to release to hormones that increase our heart rate as well raise our blood pressure.

When the threat is gone, our body is intended to return to a normal, calm state. It can help our body and mind adjust. Without it, our body might always be on great alert. Chronic stress, over time, can lead to serious health difficulties. So practicing stress management techniques today is a big challenge for all of us.

From time to time all of us get stressed. We find techniques how to change our environment to reduce stress, relax when we are under pressure. Then challenges and pace of modern lifestyle make stress management important for all of us.

To monitor our stress, first of all identify our triggers. What makes us feel worried, angry, and tense? Daily hassles and demands, such as meeting deadlines, sitting in traffic and paying bills, contribute to our stress level. Even vital positive actions, such as buying a home, getting married, can be stressful too. In a word, any change to our life can be stress.

Once we have identified our stress triggers, and then think about strategies for dealing with them. Detect what we can control is a good starting point. Never feel like we have to figure it out on our own. Seek support and help from friends and family. Sometimes, we need someone to listen to us, help with child care or a ride to work when our car’s in a shop.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help us manage stress. Engaging in exercises, tai chi, meditation, yoga, deep breathing or being in nature is a benefit for us. Set an aside time for ourselves. Get a massage, dance, listing to music, soak in a bubble bath, and watch a comedy whatever helps us relax. More active ways of achieving relaxation include participating in sports or walking outdoors. It doesn’t matter which relaxation method we select. Choose a way that works for you as well as practice it regularly.  Enjoy learning these techniques, and having a happier life forever! Cheers!

Employee Health Contributes to Company’s Bottom Line

The employees of the company are its backbone. A group of hardworking and dedicated employees forms the very strength internal to the business. Health programs in organizations are one of the important tools for retaining the hardworking employees or those who have a great potential for offering his or her services to the company. These programs offer benefits to the company as well as to the employees. In fact, these employee wellness programs are designed specially to help the family members of the employees too. This in itself is a great motivating factor to the employees and they offer their services to the company with more dedication and commitment.



Many programs in the organizations seek to imbibe healthy lifestyle among their employees so that they are less prone to diseases and risks such as heart corporate-wellness1 (1)strokes, substance abuse, malnutrition and physical fitness. If the company extends these health services to the employees, the employees too welcome the idea with open arms and additional feeling of being loved by the company in which they have been showing their performance for a long time.

The employees of the organization make up the internal culture of the company. If the workforce experiences frequent absences, or if the employees are unable to give hundred percent to their tasks, the company cannot utilize its maximum potential and may witness losses. These may grow with time if the root cause remains untreated. Employee health is one major factor that builds the working climate and the image of the company, helping it stand apart from rival companies.

Physical fitness of employees is necessary to keep them happy, mobile and quick during working hours. They must not get tired too soon and should be capable to work with maximum concentration and focus on the work itself. A healthy body allows them to maintain health and vitality and prevents from common health ailments as well as less vulnerability to risks. Equally important is the mental fitness of the employees that helps them in coming out of their personal traumas, depressions and other mental pressures. This helps them in having a relieved mind and a fresh thinking pattern that is positive and full of optimism. Such employees are so much motivated towards working for the employees that the company can expect loyalty from them for quite a long time.

Corporate wellness programs are often conducted in many organizations that focus on physical well being, but neglect their mental health. A healthy mind will shape a healthy body and it becomes a pre-requisite for the company to introduce these health programs that have a 360 approach for the mutual benefits.

Employers who introduce such programs for their employees have experienced highly motivated groups of employees who are more likely to be regular to the work and less likely to be absent due to illness and chronic disease. This also helps in retaining good employees and decreasing the instances of employee deaths or disability.

The health of a companies’ employees is truly the backbone of the company, without which the company cannot even think of standing up against other market competitors and rivals.


Corporate Wellness As A Business Strategy

corporate Wellness

Health is wealth – we all know about that. Human resource is one of the most precious element on earth. Companies heavily depend on their employees, their creativity and skills to run a better business and earn profit. But if the health of the employees isn’t good, they can’t give their best for their offices.

Every team in an office comes up with different people with sets of complementary skills. One can’t complete a task without others’ help. Thus, a great team work helps to get the best output and efficiency in workplace. Good team work is the core of a successful business. But without ensuring sound body, how can the sound mind come up?

In such case, the necessity of corporate wellness program get priority. What is corporate wellness program? In simple words, it’s a policy, implemented by the corporation to ensure that workers get better health situation. Employees are, above all, humans. Humans work with their body and it has to be in good position to support the individual’s mind. Corporate wellness program ensures the case.

Sometimes, someone might not be able to communicate properly because of lack of sleep. Some might suffer lack of concentration on work because of less water drinking. Every single step in our life depends on our body condition. We provide necessary elements and rest to our body, only then it supports the mind for better thinking. Different statistics show that around 50% of the average employees have to work during their waking hours. This greatly disrupts their biological clock – unbalancing their mind fitness. If they would get proper rest, they would be able to work much more professionally.

Thus, every single small action affects the productivity of a corporation. Setting up a proper corporate wellness program is similar to athletics – both require personalization, cohesive network and smart goal setting. Under these conditions, employees and athletes are surely to get the best result.

There should be different measures that should be considered in any corporate wellness program. First of all, it must not be boring – the same stuffs every day. That’ll boomerang the goal. Instead, it should be interesting and competitive among employees and teams. Cost is one of the important factors here. Healthcare cost is being increased day by day, and companies try to put the cost on employees. But supporting the employees for better health can help companies’ bottom line.

With that being said, any company will be able to get more out of their human resources for greater business success.

Corporate Athletes-Go for Gold


It gives a feeling of happiness when we see our favourite Olympians standing on winning stages on their winning ranks wearing shining gold, silver or bronze medal. We can imagine how much happiness the winning Olympian is feeling at the time when he finally achieved the success. However, behind this success are hardwork, wellness and extraordinary fitness.

If an athlete can look after his wellness and fitness inorder to achieve success then the corporate employees can also achieve the success in their specific field. The day of a corporate employee is usually tiring and due to heavy workload the corporate worker doesn’t have time to look after his personal health, thus the chances of success gets low. The level of stamina, ability to make brilliant decisions and physical work in corporate world needs a perfect personal health which included fitness and wellness.

In the corporate world, the work is performed by teams, each team includes a well-qualified member. The team setup is very important for the business structure as it leads towards high-performance rate and important problems can be solved within minutes. The hard work and mental pressure on each team member also affects their personal health and wellness, Therefore it is highly essential for corporate world to ensure about the wellness of the employees. In fact the corporate wellness should be like the one provided to the Olympians. There should be facilities like cardio, boxing, physical exercises to ensure the complete corporate wellness of the employees. Moreover, there should be a professional trainer who can provide proper training to the employees to stay fit and healthy.

The corporate wellness is also very important because due to long sitting hours the employees may suffer mental of cardio related problems which are very dangerous for an individual and the treatment for these kinds of diseases and considered costly. Therefore in order to avoid these types of diseases, the corporate world should care about their employees and focus hard on cooperate wellness programs to provide better health and wellness facilities.

The team networking is very important in corporate world and with perfect corporate wellness facilities, the team can perform better and professional which can definitely improve the business performance. If the team members focus on their personal health and follow the corporate wellness structure regularly then the day is not far when they have the shiny gold medal hanging on their neck like of an Olympian.


Health and Safety at Workplace in Nigeria

Health and Safety at Workplace in Nigeria


Stress at workplace is an increasingly common feature of modern life. Work stress can be defined as the non-specific response of the body to any demands made upon it. It is considered to be an internal state or reaction to anything we consciously or unconsciously perceive as a threat, either real or ergonomicsimagined.Robbins defines stress as a dynamic condition in which the individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint, or demand related to what he or she desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important.
The workplace environment plays a very important role in determining the stress.That is why while designing the workplace, various ergonomic factors should be considered like humidity system, lighting, work area design, acoustic system and many more.The failure to implement ergonomic principles at workplace leads to physical, emotional and mental health problems and decreased work productivity and efficiency.

The financial services sector is traversing a period of major change resulting from globalization
and market deregulation, which has resulted in substantial restructuring, especially through merger and acquisition activity both in industrialized and developing countries (ILO, 2001).


• Increased competition, both domestically and internationally, has resulted in organizations
introducing cost-cutting and productivity improving strategies, which have resulted in increasing demands on employees
• Working with cash puts a great stress on handlers as there is no space for any mistake.
• Systems such as closed circuit television (CCTV), Call centre technologies enable employers to constantly keep employees under surveillance.The feeling of being constantly under surveillance puts great stress on the employees. However, this is required for the security of the environment because of the underworld.
• Employees who are in regular contact with members of the public are known to be at more risk of violence than those who work in seclusion.
• Computer-based jobs are less demanding in terms of physical effort, but require more cognitive processing and mental attention.
• Prolonged sitting, static posture, poor ergonomic environment and inadequate break intervals make the employees exhausted at workplace.


As time pressure is the major risk factor related to overall Musculoskeletal symptoms among all office employees. Employees should be given awareness about office ergonomics so that they are able to cope with this major contributor to their health
While designing the workplace, workplace environment should be given due importance.
1. Lightening
2. work area design
3. Scientific assessments of seats and different items
4. Portable computing can also add comfort to the worker as the faulty placing of the system can give discomfort to neck, shoulder and eyes.
5. There are three steps called as an ergonomic equation. These three steps are Neutral Posture, Voluntary Motion and Restorative Time. In one research it was quoted that it is not the human who have to mold themselves to machine but machine must adapt the human.
6. The Berge and Neumann’s (2010) narrate as how ergonomists can be engaged in making enhanced “organizational work”. It was explored that ergonomist can make a difference in the working culture and positive vibes in the organization.
7. Psychosocial effects that poor ergonomics impact cannot be neglected.It is the mind that feels pain first and then the body recognizes it.Workplace environment should be friendly.
8. Nirjhar Dutta, Gabriel A. Koepp (April, 2012) and team of government official and scholars from Ergotron Inc strongly suggest sit-stand desk which appears promising for longer fitness of body.
9. Susan Tingley (2005), in her study suggested the training programmes which benefitted the office workers.
10. Chairs with adjustable height have shown to reduce the physical complaints to the employees.
Thus the factors of Ergonomics must be recognized in workplace and needful steps must be taken to avoid loss of employee asset


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 Health and Safety at Workplace in Nigeria 

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Exercise is Medicine

I found this video “Exercise and Cancer” produced by ABCTV Catalyst and  thought it’s worthy of sharing. It shows that “Exercise is Medicine!” and that we can boost our immunity system with exercise. Exercise is free! No side-effect. On the other hand, it transforms human body and fortifies it against diseases.

For numerous years, exercise has been used as part of rehabilitation programmes (protocols) for patients in intensive care units, medical and surgical wards and helps them to effect physiological changes and regain functional independence. It’s intriguing to see that scientific studies are now providing evidence that “targeted” exercise can help to fight cancer. These studies also show that when exercise is used simultaneously with either chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer, they jointly produce fantastic health outcomes. If this is happening in a diseased system, imagine the benefits it will offer in the prevention of non-communicable diseases. We don’t have to wait for disease to invade our body systems before we engage in exercise.

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People with existing medical conditions (such as cardiac and respiratory problems etc.) still benefit from exercise. It is advisable that this group of individuals, especially if they are new to physical training/exercise, should consult qualified healthcare professionals, before starting out in training. Do yourself a favour. Be proactive; take active steps to healthy living.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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